Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

What is Fashion?

By Osheen Shrestha

  When we hear the word ‘fashion’, we usually visualize the latest style of clothing. However, fashion also includes the latest trend of hair, decoration, and behavior. Fashion can be a manner of doing something whether extravagantly or casually. It is important to look back how fashion got started in the first place. In the early days, people used to wear clothes to survive and to prevent their body from cold, sun, insect and plants. As the time passed, the trend of wearing clothes became fashion. Fashion became a way to determine class. In today’s world, we can easily distinguish between the high, middle and low-class people. All thanks to Fashion. Each decade has had a profound impact in fashion. In 1970 (popular as ‘ME’ decade) played a vital role in the fashion world. The women’s right was shaped during that time. The trend of wearing pants only by men was changed during that decade. Women protested the trend of wearing pants by only men. They wanted those comforting pants into their legs and even started a movement and won. Although the protest was not life changing, it surely played a major role in empowering women. The trend of wearing mini skirt by women was protested by people back at that time. They even started a campaign to stop that trend. However, by the end of 1970, people understood that the length of skirt was no longer a big deal but what is important is the freedom to choose one’s length. Trends and fashion were almost the same in before the 20th century. However, the industrial revolution made a huge impact in the fashion world. The trend and fashion changed season wise. People always tried to wear the latest and branded clothes. Different countries have different society and culture, which makes fashion different. Fashion is mainly based on these two factors. Thus, fashion helps to determine one’s culture as well. By observing one’s dressing style we can even predict about one's likes or dislikes. Probably, we may not be able to read one’s mind through one’s dressing style but we can sure know one’s interest. Fashion enables to display a person’s personality and personal preferences. Fashion has provided people an opportunity to set trends. Comfortable clothing helps people to look beautiful that definitely boost up the confidence and self-esteem. Thus, fashion influences most of the people around the world.