Fri, 24 May, 2024

Warriors From Earth- Part IV

By Dipesh Poudel

Picture Courtesy: Sneha Parajuli

“Your sword suddenly vanished after your fight, can you explain about that?” asked one of the students of Saurea High. Well, that sword is a part of me. The sword is objectification of my power. Each leader of Order of Cosmos has their own weapon as objectification of their power and they can make it appear or disappear as per requirement.

A skinny reporter from corner asked Alcuard to show them the sword by making it appear from nowhere. Alcuard politely replied, “A weapon is always thirsty of blood and when drawn one has to fulfill its thirst of blood. Therefore, I cannot disrespect my weapon by just bringing it out for show off.”

One lady reporter in a red jacket asked, “How can a person have to become one of the seven leaders of Order of Cosmos?” Alcuard with a smile replied, “Nothing.” A moment of silence filled the atmosphere. He continued, “The cosmos choose you to become its guardian. No amount of hard work, money and power can make a person a leader of cosmos. Cosmos chooses a person for the position.”

A student at back of the hall asked Alcuard what he would do then. Alcuard with a big smile replied, “Now I will go home, take a rest and come back tomorrow to attend the school's annual fair as student of Saurea High.” With that answer Alcuard left the hall. People had thousands of questions; guess they have to save it for some other time!