Tue, 30 May, 2023

Warriors From Earth- Part III

By admin

Picture Courtesy: Sneha Parajuli

At a distant planet, a warrior with a huge sword in his hand was standing in front of thousands of soldiers without any fear or doubts. He was ready to fight against those thousands of soldiers from another galaxy who wanted to conquer Milky Way galaxy. Those thousands of soldiers were the strongest amongst the strongest from another galaxy, and he was standing there as he if he was about to fight few children. That warrior was no one but Alcuard who left planet earth in a spaceship from his school's compound without much of explanation.

Everybody on planet earth including Alcuard's friends and teacher at his school thought that Milky Way galaxy along with Alcuard was done for. All of a sudden with a big roar Alcuard charged in and the battle was over in less than a minute. The first swing of his sword destroyed more than half of enemy's soldiers. Nobody could believe what they just saw. Few people pinched themselves so that they could wake up from something they considered to be dream. A high school kid from earth just destroyed a huge army from another galaxy without even breaking a sweat and people were watching it live in their screens.

After the battle Alcuard returned to his school directly. Everyone on earth including his friends and teachers of his high school had many questions for him. As soon as he got down from his spaceship, his friends and reporters from all over the globe started bombarding him with questions. “Would you please stop this, I will explain everything?” shouted Alcuard to calm everyone. When everyone pacified, he asked them to follow him to assembly hall of the school. When they reached the assembly hall, Alcuard started explaining himself and the situation.

I am one of the seven leaders of an organization called Order of Cosmos. As the name suggests our work is to maintain order in the universe. Our work is to maintain balance in the universe and make sure that everything follows its natural course. Meaning, we will not intervene if there breaks out a third world war and it becomes the cause of destruction of earth; we will also not intervene if human contacted another intelligent life or another intelligent life contacts earth. If anyone or anything tries to destroy or create anything that disturbs the balance in the universe then only we shall come in between. “Like ?” asked one of the reporters. Alcuard replied, “Like when someone makes or tries to make a time machine. We cannot let anyone or anything be in another time where they are not supposed to be.”

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