Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Warrior of Justice

By Dipesh Poudel

Captain Davison could not take it anymore. He stood up from the chair, opened the drawer at desk. He then took out his gun, pointed at his temple and pulled the trigger. The most powerful warrior in the Milky Way galaxy put an end to his life. No one had ever thought the most powerful man in that galaxy will end his life like this, but it did not matter; he ended his life anyway.

Davision Kuchiki was a soldier in krigare Gesetz, meaning “Warriors of Justice”. They were responsible for maintaining peace throughout the universe. He was a galactic commander, which means he had a galaxy to look after and protect it from bad guys with evil intention. He was a very powerful man yet very kind too. It was said that his weapons never hurt the innocent. It all changed that day.

That day, Captain Davision and his team got a report. The report had these very words “a meeting if successful a terrorist group will get their hands on nuclear weapons”. The meeting was going to be held at a mall near the galactic headquarter (regional headquarter) of krigare Gesetz which Captain Davision was in charge of. When captain Davision and his team reached there, the deal was almost complete. Sensing the presence of krigare Gesetz, terrorists shot some bullets in the air and created  chaos so that they can run away. They had a briefcase which was a nuclear weapon launch control. Captain Davision and his team followed the terrorists in the chaos. Seeing no way out, the leader of the terrorist group took a woman as hostage, unfortunately she was Captain Davision’s wife, Rose.

Rose was pregnant. She had come to the mall to shop and pass time. Captain Davision did not allow her to work saying that she should rest during her pregnancy. It was not that she could not deny her husband and go to work. She wanted to see her beloved husband happy and if her not going to work made him happy then so be it. Rose loved to study people and what better place would be other than mall to study people. Since she had no work she used to come to mall often to study people.

She was terrified when a man grabbed her and pointed a gun at her, but as soon as she saw her husband approaching she was calm because she knew that her husband will not let anyone harm her or her unborn child. The terrorist leader threatened to kill the women if anyone gets any further. Every officer of krigare Gesetz dropped their weapon immediately. Captain Davision acted like he dropped the weapon and took the opportunity to shoot the terrorist leader who was holding his wife. The terrorist leader noticed that and at last moment put the women in front to take the bullet. The bullet hit the woman in the head. Without any hesitation, Captain Davision fired another bullet which pierced through the leader’s head.  Other officer took down other terrorists. Captain Davision once again saved million if not billion lives. This time he paid heavy price for it, life of his beloved wife and his unborn.

This news spread like wildfire all over the universe. Captain Davision was in great grief. He was now known to the universe as man who killed his wife and unborn child. He was dejected because he was guy who used to save everyone but he was unable to save his beloved wife who was pregnant with his child. After that incident people started looking at him with eyes of fear and hate. After few months, sucide of captain Davision shocked the uinverse.