Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Warrior From Earth : Part II

By admin

Alcuard’s Past:

Alcuard was born to Will and Evelynn in a distant land called Raftel. His parents were farmers by profession, and they were poor. He didn’t have an easy childhood. When he was 3, his father died a mysterious death. Will was last seen working in his fields where he suddenly disappeared, never to return. There was no trace of any violence, no footprints and no blood marks; there was just his spade and his left sandal left among the wilderness. There was a void in Alcuard’s life that nothing and no one could fill anymore.

Ever Since Alcuard was 10, he started to notice a change in everything. It felt as the surrounding opened up to him. Every single thing in the world, be it alive or be it dead, had different abilities and Alcuard was able to manipulate them in his favor. The rivers bended at his will, trees moved at his commands, and fire rained from the sky at his call. Alcuard was truly blessed. He was no magician, but he was not an average human being either. But as peace loving and kind as he could be, Alcuard never misused his powers. In fact, he never showed his powers to anyone at all. So, when the Strange Men came to pick off Alcuard, everyone was shocked.


After assuring the principal that he would be back in no time, Alcuard got aboard the space-ship. The strange man introduced himself as the Arlong, the Prince of Fuchsia Country of Jupiter Planet. He was equipped with all sorts of armor, a gun that could generate heat beams and a Scouter to find location. Along with him was Hodi Jones, the younger brother of Arlong. They both looked very weird. It was safe to say that the Principal had never imagined the existence of extra-terrestrials stronger and more advanced than humans. When asked about the situation, Hodi explained that the Grineer Troops from Europa Galaxy had invaded the Milky Way Galaxy and wanted to blow the Galaxy into oblivion. So, all the Planets’ inhabitants had to combine forces to fight against the true evil. Before they went, the Principal asked Arlong about how they knew Alcuard and why they were taking a harmless child, Alcuard, into a war clearly beyond his comprehension. Arlong just smiled and said, “The kid is our only hope.” Confused, Principal stepped aside and watched as the Spaceship lifted up and vanished into the skies.

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