Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

Warrior From Earth : Part I

By admin

Everyone in Saurae High along with rest of the world watched in disbelief as the battle which was to decide fate of the world was taking place in some distant barren planet. The warrior fighting to protect the earth was a peace loving, simple kid, who was in the senior year of Sauare High. Nobody ever imagined that a guy as humble, kind and peaceful as Alcuard would be one of the most powerful warriors in the universe.

Few Hours Ago:

Everything was normal on planet earth. Students of Saurae High were practicing for the annual fest of the school.  Alcuard was sitting in the shed of a tree and reading a book since he had not thought of performing anything in the fest. There was a big smile on his face as he looked towards his friend who were happy practicing for their performance.

Suddenly Alcuard’s cell beeped in an unusual tone. The smile on his face was gone in an instant. His face was had this serious look that the world had never seen before. Out of nowhere two spaceships appeared in the compound of Saurae High and landed on the football field of the school. Few unusual looking people came down from the spaceship and went directly to where Alcuard was sitting avoiding everyone who was trying to figure out what was going on. When the school principal saw that Alcuard was surrounded by some unusual looking people, she ran towards him but a guy with a sword stopped her when she reached near Alcuard. Alcuard scolded the guy and made him apologize. The principal asked Alcuard what it was all about. Alcuard was trying to say something when every device that could play video and audio started showing some weird guy with weird voice. “Hello, inhabitants of Earth, you have one week time to surrender and be our slave,” said the guy. He continued “If you don’t do so your planet will be destroyed.” Nobody could make sense of what just happened. Alcuard said to those unusual looking guys, “You guys know what to do right?” Those guys nodded their head. After that Alcuard ran towards a spaceship, climbed into one and took off. People were all confused. The principal asked what the hell was going on. Those guys replied, “We will tell you everything soon. Just relax.”

The story will be continued in the next issue. Stay tuned for an interesting read!