Thu, 22 Feb, 2024

Warm Bodies: Movie Review

By Sweekriti Gautam

Photo Courtesy: Sweekriti Gautam

“Warm Bodies” is a zombie themed comedy romance. It is directed by Jonathan Lewin staring Nivholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Joph Malkovich and Analegin Tipton.

Nicholas Hoult plays a zombie who refers to himself as 'R' as he could not remember his full name after the apocalypse. The film focuses on the relationship between a young teenager Julie(Palmer) and R. After the zombie epidemic R encounters Julie in an abandoned airport and immediately falls in love. He eats her boyfriend's brain which seems to transfer all his memories to R. This makes his attraction towards Julie stronger. He rescues Julie from a zombie attack. Julie notices that he is different from other zombies. Their relationship starts getting stronger as the story develops.

R starts developing various human characters but then decides to send back Julie to live with her own people. On the way he reveals the truth that he was the one who killed her boyfriend. He was also heartbroken but he goes back to the airport where they met in hope that there are people there to rescue her. There he sees that other zombies are also showing some signs of life. These zombies squared off against the “Boneys” i.e. zombies with no flesh just the skeletons. They ran away but somehow got trapped inside the airport. When Colonel Girgio, Julies father sees that Julie is near a zombie - R, he immediately shoots him on the shoulder. She notices that he was bleeding; he had completely changed into a human. They have a moment together to themselves. The humans and zombies kill most of the “Boneys” while rest die of starvation. At the end of the film, R completely changes into a human and rest of the other zombies also start to assimilate in the human society.