Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Wandering With Your Shadows

By Arjun Dahal

So still so still, The warmth of you in my heart, Can you feel that? Those were the days, Now, the sole reason for my downfall.   That day, we were at Fun Park, Swinging in the Columbus, Jokingly, I pushed and pulled you. And you were scared, so scared. Staring at me with your crossed eyes, You cursed me"Monkey!!"   You were with me on the bike, The speed was at its peak. You were scared, so scared, Grasping me tight, you almost cried like a baby. And when we reached the Cafe Hut, On pulling my ears and doing ups and downs, I begged you sorry! Thence, you added a habit on me.   We were at QFX Cinemas, The boring movie was thriving me lazy. And suddenly, you kissed me, My heart was frozen, so frozen. Amazed, shocked, horrified, Oh my god! I was shy, so shy, Then, you had whispered gently, "Monkey! Why getting so shy?" I was out of my mind, Then you laid in my arms, And I was at bliss. Poetic feeling aroused within me, Honestly! Then I forgot to watch the movie.   That day, We were at the Ice-cream parlor, Knowingly and Jokingly- Probably mockingly, I did, put some ice-cream on your hair, And before you could yell "Monkey!" again, I had pulled my ears and did ups and downs.   It was that day, that very day, When you had accepted my love, And even expressed your to mine. That afternoon, I was insanely drunk, And went- Rambled- Shouting your name all over the town. The crowds may have called me a Psycho. But who cared?   Ever since- I have been wandering with your shadows. I wish I could repeat those days back again. Now you're so far, so far away. And I miss you, I miss you so much. The pen wants to write more, But my brain fears for the coming exams. And forever, I shall wander with your shadows, Can you feel, How much I'm missing you?