Fri, 23 Feb, 2024

If the Walls Could Speak

By Subin Shrestha

Our world is peaceful and beautiful. I am from this world. My name is Klen. The walls in this world can speak. They can interact with people. They talk and communicate with people. These walls don’t have any gender or caste. They are free from all the discrimination, domination and all other evils. At least, these were what I thought. Actually, the walls are our support. Our houses are made from the walls. They are the reason we’ve survived. The mystery behind it is yet to be known, but they’ve protected us from many evils. People don’t need to lie. People don’t need to steal. Everyone is kind, honest and truthful. Only when I delved into this issue deeper, I found evil and many bad things. There are people living without walls and planning evil. They are breaking walls. Besides, there are people ruling over other building walls. Everything, we knew of people being honest were because they thought they were being watched by walls. They think our freedom is lost and we are being controlled. The deeper we dig, the more info we obtain. The walls are used by the countries to separate their lands because these countries aren’t separated by any natural dividers. The walls here are by themselves. Every day, they face the guns pointed towards them by the military officers. The leader of a country wants more for their land in comparison to others. Therefore, they confine people within the walls just because they suspect them. The walls being constructed have already separated everything. They divide not only geographically or physically, but emotionally. People have egos. They envy others. They have greed and are always selfish. These things were not noticed by the walls because everyone has been wearing a mask of honesty. Thus, the walls couldn’t stand against it. However, these things became the walls themselves. This has always been an issue. It is just that they were hard to notice. But, not every one of us has their heart devoured by darkness. I am different. I want all of these to disappear. All of these are my notions. They are what I learned about the world where the walls could speak with honesty. But they are not supposed to be muted. Honesty is supposed to be hugged. I shared all of these feelings in a social program in front of a huge crowd. Definitely, there were many those who disapprove and disbelieve as expected. But, I speak with and for all of those who share the similar feelings. Now; I thrive to speak with walls to reconcile.