Wed, 19 Jun, 2024

Wall Climbing Organized By DWIT Hiking Club

By Arika Joshi

Picture Courtesy: Hiking Club

On May 29, DWIT Hiking Club organized a very exciting and adventurous event, wall climbing at Astrek Wall climbing, Thamel. It was our second successful event of Wall Climbing and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I was really excited for this because I am always eagerly waiting for the new and adventurous events in my life.

At about 9 in the morning, all of us gathered at our destination. The weather favored us as it was mildly raining which made the environment cool and fresh. There were 18 of us participating in this event. We all wrote our names in the reception before for the climb. Then, the instructor instructed us about the things we need to keep in our mind for the climb.

Takdir Bartaula ‘19, one of the participant, was the first one to climb. I was really surprised seeing him climb very fast and with ease because I had thought it would be difficult. I was a little nervous before the climb but I got motivated watching the others climb very easily. I could not climb it to the top in my first attempt. But, after having a chocolate bar and juice, I gained energy. I tried hard in my second attempt and my friends were also very supportive of me - cheering for me. Finally, with a great deal of struggle and motivation, I reached the top and rung the bell. I was really happy at that moment. It was really fun coming down with the rope.

Lastly, the overall experience was really fun and cheerful. I’m looking forward to more adventurous events coming soon.