Tue, 30 May, 2023

Walking Down The Memory Lane

By Ashmita Kunwar

Memories are the most mesmerizing and valuable parts of our lives. As we move on, we collect memories that will last for the rest of our lives. When we are alone and sad, memories help us ease the pain and bring smiles on our faces. These beautiful memories cherish our lives and make us happy. It has been almost eight months since we, batch of 2017, became the part of DWIT. During this period of time, I have gathered some memories that will be important parts of my life. I am sure that, during these four years, I will have tons of memories with me from DWIT. For now, one of the most memorable moments for me in DWIT was the day when we had Girls’ Basketball Tournament. It was during the winter season and the time shown by my wrist watch, as far as I remember, was 5:30 P.M. We, girls from two different sections, were on the ground with red and yellow colored jerseys. The crowd was quite big as compared to other days and everyone was eager to see the match, as it was the first time in DWIT that the girls were on the ground for the game. Players, supporters, mentors, every one of them were very excited. Students were cheering up for the team of their respective sections. For me, it was a matter of new experience and fun rather than the competition. We were enjoying every minute of the match. The game started with four players in each team, yellow and red jerseys were making the ground colorful. The atmosphere was beautiful; we were enjoying and having an awesome time.  There were some girls who had never played basketball in their lives. They were thankful to the Sports Club of DWIT for providing such a “lifetime experience” opportunity to them. The final score between the two teams was of a big margin. Section A thrashed Section B with a score of 46:8. The most interesting fact was that, a majority of the scores of Section A, it was 42 if I remember correctly, was scored by a single player, Sneha Parajuli. The score was very unsatisfactory from the viewpoint of the audience, but the losing team had no disillusionment in their face. They had no sorrow, no worries, but had fun and a big smile on their face. The winning team obviously enjoyed that moment. This was one of the most magnificent moments in DWIT particularly for all the girls of Batch of 2017 and they will always remember this precious bit of their life, at least I will for certain. When I recall that particular moment I always have a smile on my face.