Fri, 24 May, 2024

A Walk to Remember

By Ashmita Kunwar

I am here with the review of next book by Nicholas Spark, “A Walk to Remember”. I now have an obsession towards his books.

Nicholas Sparks is the master of romantic novels. The main theme behind his books is always “love and only love”. A Walk to Remember is an epic love story that reflects the different meaning of love which is uncontrolled and uncertain.

Love is never planned and no one knows when and in whose arms you will fall in.

The novel begins with a 57 years old Landon in his home in North Carolina where he lived when he was 17 years old. Landon narrates his life in the past; mixing both sad and the joyous moments.

His father is a Congressman and has no time for his family. His grandfather was a bootlegger and a banker at his time and one of his employees is Reverend Sullivan. Reverend Sullivan now at present is the minister and father of Jamie whom Landon hates initially. Later, he falls in love with her unexpectedly. Previously, he never thought to have a relationship with her at any cost because of her commitment towards religion and social work, her unappealing clothing and hair style. She always used to carry Bible in her hand wherever she went.

When Landon gets elected as the Student body President, it is obligatory to attend dance party for which he needs a partner. He does not find anyone and at last he goes to Jamie. He convinces her to be his dance partner. Later, Jamie requests Landon to play a part in the drama where she was playing the role of an angel. He does not want to perform but any how she manages to make him agree unenthusiastically. After that, they start to pass their time together for practicing. During that time, he learns that the only aim of Jamie in her life  is to marry in a church filled with many people. Next he finds that she is no more going to attend her classes further in-spite of being topper of her batch. This is how their intimacy lead to exploring each other. The play is a great success Landon gets shocked seeing the beauty of Jamie in her beautiful white dress and her long hair flowing behind; she looks like a real angel.

Landon cannot hold his feelings within his heart for Jamie. So, during Christmas he confesses to her that he loves her and they kiss other.  But she doesn't accept his proposal even though she loves him because of her disease Leukemia. When Landon hears this he then realizes about her only aim in her life and her not attending classes. He cannot do anything but within that short period of time he loves her as much as he can. He even reads Bible for her to recover. Lastly, he wants to do something for her that would make their love more pure and significant. At last, he proposes her to marry him and with no delay she accepts it. In the presence of hundreds of people, the slow and painful walk down the aisle is “A Walk To Remember”.

It is a beautiful love story which makes you wonder about love and relationship. There is nothing to dislike about this book; everything is perfect. Give it a read!