Fri, 24 May, 2024

Waiting To Be Adopted

By Sweekriti Gautam

Picture Courtesy: Neesha Dhungana Eva lived in an orphanage on Alice road ever since she was separated from her parents when she was five years old. She was very intimate and friendly with Mrs.Jenny who owned the orphanage. Eva used to run down the stairs, slam the doors and windows and play with the birds and animals in the yard. She had learned to enjoy herself. The orphanage had many other orphans taking shelter. Eva slept with five other orphans in a narrow bed covered with a bright white bed sheet which Mrs.Jenny changed every day. Mrs.Jenny was like her mother. Eva enjoyed spending time with her, listening to her talk and cuddling with her. The orphans were given an apple in the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon and boiled vegetables and an egg for dinner. She loved having porridge on Sunday and a delicious cake on her birthday. Eva loved to sweep the halls every Tuesday and Friday which was her duty. She loved Mrs. Jenny and Mrs. Alia the cook. Whenever she got any leisure time she used to escape to the kitchen to talk about life and her dreams with Alia. The orphanage was like a home to her. But, Eva dreamed, while she straightened her crisp white bed sheets every morning when she did her book-work in the afternoon and in the evening when she worked in the backyard, she dreamed that one day she would be adopted. She didn't lose her hope but till that time, that day had never looked like coming anytime soon. Eva believed that everyone wanted to be adopted and she wanted it too. One Tuesday morning, as she was sweeping the hall, she was summoned to Mrs.Jenny's room. Someone had decided to adopt her. Eva was ecstatic. She was jumping with joy. Finally, she could feel real happiness for the first time in her life. Eva entered into Jenny's office. She was welcomed with a wide smile and a warm hug. An old lady with gray hair was sitting in front of her. She felt shy at first but mustered up the courage to enter the room and sit next to the old lady. Along with countless wrinkles on her face, she had a dark brown complexion. Eva was feeling happy but her eyes were filled with tears. She opened her eyes wide to stop the tears. She remembered her friends, the boiled vegetable, the cake, and Alia. She would miss all of them very much. Eva went to her new house. It was neat, clean and well polished. Her bed was no more narrow, it was wide and soft. She got to eat delicious food every week. She missed her porridge and boiled vegetables. Eva started to feel sick inside and went to bed early. She could no longer eat cake and enjoy in the spring. As the days went by, she started to leave her dinner untouched. Eva was in the orphanage for so long that she could not forget it. She always dreamed of having a family but in real life, she was not ready for it. She wanted to return to the orphanage. One evening, Eva didn't go downstairs for dinner, she sat on her bed weeping. The old lady went upstairs to see what was wrong. Eva said, "I don't know the meaning of family. I have not had one for so long. I don't know what I should do. What if I regret it in the future?". The old lady smiled and told her that there are no rules when it comes to love. It's your choice ultimately. Whatever you decide to do, I will always love you like my own child. Eva burst into tears and hugged the old lady tight and felt sorry for what she did. In that moment, she knew this is where she belonged.