Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

Waiting For You to Come

By Ashmita Kunwar


 From the day when I apprehended the gist of love,

From the day when I read the story of Cinderella,

From the day when I watched the movie Titanic,

My eyes are expecting to see you and my heart to feel you.

It been years and years I have been thinking about you

How do you look like, where do you live?

Oh god!  Tell me, does he feel the same as I feel for him?

From extremity of my heart I am waiting for you to come!

When I am desolate and when there is no one around me,

Imagination of yours in my mind assist me,

This is how momentous you are to me,

In your absence even your imagination works on me.

I am waiting for the day when I will have your first glimpse,

The day when I will recognize you from my heart,

The day to remove the imagination of you,

And have the real you, love of my life, within my soul.

One day either in sun or in rain, snow or hail,

Early in the sunrise or in the twilight,

I hope for my dearest to come, stand in-front of me,

With heart full of love, hands full of red roses!