Sun, 10 Dec, 2023

Views of Nepalese Citizens on Parliament Brawl

By Navaraj Kharel

Photo Courtesy: Republica Some lawmakers were jumping on tables and throwing furniture. Microphones were flying. I was in an eerie silence for a moment, when I watched those videos and images of lawmakers going viral on social media and they were brawling inside the Constituent Assembly hall. This news became a sensation all around the globe. Different news agencies were projecting this news as a hot issue. It was very unfortunate to witness such barbaric and heinous act. The ruling party Nepali Congress Chief Whip Chin Kaji Shrestha was asked to present the proposal by the speaker Subash Nembang. On the dot, lawmakers rushed to the rostrum but the security officers stopped them on reaching the chair of the Speaker. It was a much undisciplined act. Chairs, tables and microphones were broken inside the hall. Those acts showed inhumane, immature culture of politics prevailing in our country. The lawmakers had made a ‘Bhisma Pratigya’ a year ago to give Nepali people a new constitution but the reality came to be different. We asked some of the Nepali citizens in Nepal and abroad their views on the question “How did they feel when they came to know about the parliament brawl, instead of getting a new constitution?” through offline communication and online social networking media. Here's what we received: “First of all I felt so shameful that it was us who had voted them and brought them to the top. Now I realize, “Yes, what they did was good because people who supported and believed in them should know that they did not deserve their support.” - Sumana Dawadi, Women Activist, Kathmandu NepalThere is no remedy for them. They are just passing their time as personnel in an office. They are not responsible and serious for people and about the constitution.” -Sandeep Sangroula, Student, NCC campus, KathmanduThey lured us showing false promise and when the actual time came to show their guts then these lawmakers started quarreling with each other. That was indeed their escape plan, man! We have to curb it, anyhow!!” - Gajendra Thapaliya, Student, Tri-Chandra Campus, Kathmandu “The long awaited constitution for Nepalese citizens only became the false assurance of the so called Leaders of Nepal who gave their Vishma Pratigya of making constitution within a year and then ended on a clash. I was saddened at the very moment when I heard about it.” How can we trust them again?  They are responsible for this and they need to change their way of doing, otherwise People of Nepal will back on another Revolution.” -Saroj Shrestha, Student, Tri-Chandra Campus, Kathmandu “This is extremely sad news for me. This might be the grand plan and it is anti-democratic practices. Lawmakers are not getting their rhythm on politics. They must have to learn how to unify the thoughts of Nepalese People.” -Keshav Dungel, Teacher, Dibaya Ratna Boarding School, Jhapa “I think the prosperity and peace of the country has been flown away and it is the master plan of the lawmakers. They are actually taking revenge of the prior election during which the lawmakers were not able to draft constitution even when they had power. Indeed Nepalese leader made the new history in the world.” -Ashish Oli, Student, Uniglobe College, Kathmandu “I think it’s natural because this happens in every other country like India and South Korea. Since we have multiparty government, it’s pretty natural to hear such incidents. But I felt very sad that Nepal also started following others and creating disorder in order to get power.” -Sushil Pokhrel, Student, DWIT, Kathmandu. “I felt bad and ashamed. It was ridiculous yet I could not laugh because I was worried about what would the people of other countries be thinking about Nepal.” -Venisha Acharya, Student, St. Xaviers College, Kathmandu “I would blame lawmakers for all the ongoing happenings in our country. Our country is not progressing. They were trusted and selected by people for making constitution but what did they do? They kept on breaking the trust and lastly they showed their true colors. Do any people with brains (I said with brains) break chairs and bring the packets of chilies inside the constitution hall? What kind of guardians did we choose for our country? May be now, people are regretting for having chosen them. What can the students like us expect from those people?” -Prelisha Dahal, Student, Liverpool College, Kathmandu  “If students fight in class, there will be teacher to control the class. If the teachers have conflict, the head of school controls them but in our CA there is no any strong diplomatic and faithful leader who has potentiality to control the mass of 601 leaders..!! So the lack of proper guardianship, lack of co- operation and the lack of self-respect with full of selfishness and egoistic natures have brought this huge conflict in this CA. I was so sad to hear about this news.” -Durga Khatiwada, Student, Tri-Chandra Campus, Kathmandu “It really hurts when you hear such things about your country when you are far away from your motherland. Despite of being out of our country, we always pray to hear and see good things about the country. But when we see bunch of the so called big head politicians fighting like monkeys, and not being able to deliver the constitution yet, it hurts more thinking about the country's development going down and down and the youngster who would want to see the change in their country stay back and take pride of it. These are the reasons thousand of youngsters (including me) leave the country causing brain drain. Because it is 21st century, time of competition and time to get better and better, nobody wants to stay behind. I have my own plans and reasons but after I will finish my motive to come to Australia, I want to go back to Nepal and spend the rest of my life utilizing all my experience and knowledge in my country. JAYA NEPAL!” -Hemanta Lamichhane, Student Paramedical Science, Perth Western Australia “What they did in CA is really shameful. The news about it made us feel bad. Friends from different countries who are studying with me in the same university asked, “What happened?” And they asked it because it’s funny for them. They have seen such kinds of activities only in circus before. These so called leaders are shameless and have no responsibility towards nation. Their one and only target is power and money. To achieve those, they can not only fight in CA, but can run naked in front of public also.” -Dibas Bhandari, Helsinki, Finland “Felt pity for we Nepali people that such insane leaders are leading our country. They don't deserve this position. They need proper training on humanity and discipline.” -Kshamata Subedi, Student, MBBS, Bangladesh “I was so much disappointed hearing this news. Many of the daily News Paper had published this news and many of my colleagues asked me about this matter. I bowed down my head and felt shameful being Nepali here in Germany. None of our political leaders possesses any vision on the welfare of our country. Being here overseas, we always seek for peace and well-civilized Nepal. But this nonsense act makes me shy.” -Rabin Karki, MBBS, Germany “It’s too sad to hear about our leaders fighting and destroying the property of nation. CA is not a battlefield to tussle, in my opinion, it's a place where they can seat peacefully and have a discussion about the concerned agendas of present situation.” -Ram Bhetwal, Kuwait “You can say, if there is no security inside the parliament surrounded by most intellectual people of country, there is no security for any public outside.” -Shantanu Ojha, Canada “I do not have much more idea about politics but when I heard about that shameful incident and saw the video on Facebook, I felt really bad. And I questioned myself that how could such leaders direct our nation in the right path. No doubt they’ll lead our nation in a dark dungeon!” -Pratima Ghimire, Sydney, Australia “It was a totally shameless act and I feel bad about it. I would like to describe it as an out of humanity, foolish attack, and a scary violence. Actually, there are no words to describe it.” -Yogita Ojha Bhandari, Hayling Island, UK “This is not so new one because we are familiar to it. I did not trust them. I am not the person who can see the future but I was confident it is going to happen in Nepal. These leaders are ruining our land of peace. No one can change the trend. We need one great free fighter. We need the man with vision otherwise the situation is going to get worse than at present.” -Bimala Shrestha, Hongkong “I think they are not intelligent enough to handle the country. They are crazy of the political power. They just focus only on the seats and money and amending the laws according to their choice and ease.” -Sonia Dahal Uprety, Denmark. How could any nations prosper if such chaos dwells within?  And I think, now is the time to curb these ill customs. Being a leader and committing such an act was like triggering an axe on their own foot. Though it was condemnable from all around the clock, we could do nothing to evict it. We all just watched standing still!