Thu, 22 Feb, 2024


By Arjun Dahal

  March till the hell, Fearless life you met. Consume Mortars and Bullets, Sovereignty, the master of your rebel.   Combat till the last breath, Gurkha Martyr shall you be named. Legacy of bravery shall be framed, Fight expansionism till your death.   The commander in his seventies, Slayed every enemies. Felled with dignity, Hail! The guard of our identity.   Face the battery of Cannons, Face the gunfire, Afterlife, you shall rest in pyre, Keep vengeance against the foes of nation.   [Dedicated to commander Bhakti Thapa and all the Gurkha Martyrs of Anglo-Nepal war]

Arjun Dahal is undergrad student of Physics at Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuwan University. His interests lie in Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His English writings have appeared/forthcoming in Blue Marble Review, Burningword Literary Journal, Yellow Chair Review, DWIT News, and Ann Arbor Review. His published Nepali Poems can be found via