Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Vegetable Swapped by Poison

By Ashmita Kunwar

Do you think we are eating vegetable in our lunch these days? No, we are not, it is poison. These days one of the most serious disputes is poisonous vegetables in the market. It was scientifically proved that the vegetables we have been eating these days in our lunch is full of poison. Normally, to grow enough food for this large population, farmers use pesticides in their vegetables and the fruit gardens. It is serious this time, the vegetables we find these days on the market is three times more  poisonous  than the normal vegetables we used to eat. Kalimati fruit and vegetable market is the pioneer wholesale market in Nepal where we can find each and every item. The food for the people of Kathmandu is all supplied from Kalimati market. The inspection team has detected that almost all the vegetables and the fruits in Kalimati are poisonous which are not suited for eating. These vegetables are unsafe and cause gastro-vascular, hormonal disorder and respiratory diseases; some might suffer from mental disorder and even have chance of getting cancer. We are always told by doctors and elderly people to have vegetables and fruits, but this is the case these days. The numbers of patients infected by having such vegetables are increasing in hospitals. Due to the growth in population, the demand of vegetables is growing day by day. Therefore, there is an imbalance between the demand and supply and the farmers are obliged to use such injurious pesticides.  Farmers or anyone, do not have the right to play with the health of other people. Concerned authority should think profoundly and find the solution for this. The government should make strict rules and regulations which should not be restrained within papers but should be implemented to demonstrate the positive effects. New methods and technology should be introduced, which can be used by the farmers to grow vegetables without using such pesticides and insecticides.