Sun, 26 May, 2024

Vampire Obsession

By Shreya Sapkota

Photo Courtesy: DeskBG
Supernatural, fiction, romance and paranormal are some of the most preferred genres among books, movies and TV shows of almost any teenage girl. Mostly the teenage girls, the ones learning and experiencing are seen more interested than others in this genre. It is common to see many of the teenagers obsessed with such supernatural-fictional character or books or movie preferably, one with a vampire in it. Many years back, vampires were pictured as scary monsters that lurked in the shadows of the night and were technically merciless demons without humanity. But now if you ask any teenage girl, she will give you a somewhat different definition. Vampires are now a character having a fair complexion (sometimes even porcelain-white) with smooth and flawless skin. They are said to be very strong, elegant, graceful, and with extraordinary abilities which every other person wishes to acquire. They are said to have prolonged life and even immortality with eternal youth. The growing transition of these spooky nocturnal creatures into a prince in shining armour has taken a toll on vampire obsession. We find most teenage girls carrying a book with vampire characters or obsessing on one such vampire character from a TV series. We can find large numbers of shows, books and movies based on vampires which are thriving through this very obsession. Teenagers, who are on the verge of transitioning to adulthood are always supervised, chaperoned and bounded to many sets of social rules. Along with that, they have many restrictions to abide by which hinders their eagerness and wishes to try or to do something. All the while coming terms with characters such as vampires who can do anything at all can be quite agonising and envious at the same time. Even if lonely, vampires can compel someone to be their companion; even when they are different from the rest of the people they are accepted due to their uniqueness and their abilities and can get away from anything. Such portraits of a vampire can make it quite usual for any normal teenage girl to harbour a crush on vampires and even wish on being one. Every misfit, awkward, outsider, more-or-less the majority of teenagers want to retain abilities like vampires to fit in and to escape at the same time. So we see, teenagers are sucked into such vampire fandom, enjoying themselves by escaping into the beauty and art of the vampire culture.