Sun, 25 Feb, 2024

Valentine's Day- Video Review

By Osheen Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

When the word valentine is mentioned we think about cards, roses and romance. But is that all there is to it? Valentine’s had a bitter story of the Roman priest Marty St. Valentine who sacrificed his life to marry couples. Yes, the Valentine's Day which is special day popular for love is celebrated in order to remember the deeds of St. Valentine.

St. Valentine was a Roman priest during the rule of Emperor Claudias. During his rule the marriage of the young men and women were forbidden. The emperor believed that the unmarried men fought more fearlessly than married one because married men worry about their family in their absence. But St. Valentine was against it. He used to secretly marry couple. And for this he was sentenced to death.

St. Valentine fought for making other people’s love successful. Love is wonderful and blessing given by God. Let's love and respect each other and make the sacrifices of St. Valentine count to the fullest.

In DWIT, to make Valentine's Day special, different clubs were actively involved. Social Service Club was busy selling roses, News Club was busy posting about Valentine's Day and Media Club was busy making a Valentine's special video.

The video featuring Valentine’s day by Media Club was about 8 min long. It started with introduction of Valentine's Day including opinions about celebrating Valentine's Day followed by a short play.

Some thoughts about the video by the students are as follows:

" The short video was really fascinating in fact video as such should be given credits for their efforts and devotion, equally characters mesmerized with acting. Nice video. Keep up the good work. Osheen actually had good understanding about acting with realistic body posture and that was key there." –Sunil Lamsal

“First of all, I was overwhelmed seeing the video by Media Club which was especially for Valentine’s Day. Starting with views of various students for this day, I found it cool. Likewise, towards the end of this video, I was still waiting for some extensions on ending the video as I found it somehow confusing. As a whole, I found the video to be refreshing!" – Utkrista K.C.

"Well defining Valentine's Day according to perspective of different people, for some it’s a normal cold day and a day to cherish, show what feelings you have for your partner to those who are bounded by the purity of love and affection. Well, from one aspect if we see then there is whole year to describe your love to your soul mate and you don’t need a day specified! Well from another point of view, it can be a perfect day for those who are not able to say to someone who they love the most and can express it no matter what may be the reply on that specific day. Talking about media clubs’ video, I term it as a perfect one, because  it is followed by the interview from different people and their perception on valentine day and a short movie with the theme ‘be with right one this year’ which I liked the most. As we see many people don’t intent to choose the right partners which results to separation from each other. Love is not the thing to show off; it is something which you need to feel inside your heart. Relationship is not about what amount of money boy or girl spends it’s about the moment of joy they create even if they are penny less. People need to take time to choose the right person because everything done with patience leads to something very good. Well, social media has also been the reason behind unsuccessful relationships. People don’t visualize the face behind the mask and a trust is created because of conversation in it. Well, making my long story short I would like to suggest everyone to take time to find the love of your life because Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey. I really like the video. All people were talking about how they think about valentine day but Iris was talking about how his wife should be like. And the acting was also nice." – Iris Raj Pokhrel

Let’s hope for another such interesting video by the Media Club.