Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Unhealthy Government

By Giriraj Khatri

I was reading a national daily and went through the news about an irrigation minister being rushed to the hospital after a cardiac arrest. I had also read about former president flying to the States for his treatment of prostate cancer with a medical assistance from the government. Nepali congress president flies on a regular basis to Singapore for his medical checkup. Soon after resigning as a prime minister of the country, the UML leader visited India for a medical checkup. Here, I want to highlight that all these people who are key to leading the country are all unhealthy. These are only some of the notable figures and be convinced that most people in the government are unhealthy suffering from serious diseases. Let me generalize here; most of the bureaucrats of the country are suffering from one or several kinds of chronic disease.

Our government has been composed of sick, sicker and one could even use the superlatives. Agree or disagree but this is one of the chief reasons due to which our country is not progressing. When we have all the sick people, then what can we expect. Instead of thinking about the creative ideas for development, one would be thinking about the time to take the medicine for diabetes, hypertension or Alzheimer. During the formation of the constitution, there were many absentees in the parliament and one main cause was the sick leave. There has not been a formation of a single government which has not provided medical subsidies to its minister. Sometimes I have this vague idea that these people become ministers just to get the money for treatment because the disease that they have in their body are very expensive for treatment. The most annoying part is that they do not trust the health institution of our country and travel abroad and sometimes with a nice little family.

If all the sick men are leading the country, then there would be no hesitation to call our government the infirmary where all the sick men stay. Health is a key factor that determines the progress of the people and the healthy ministers determine the progress of the nation. A week and feeble minister cannot work for the development of the country but the sad thing is that there is a crisis of healthy minister even in the health ministry of the country. Let us hope for the emergence of doctors who can cure all these unhealthy ministers in the country.