Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

An Unforgettable Day

By Ankit Pradhan

DWIT College has always been an interesting and fun place for everyone. Students are always surprised. The college has always stood different from the other crowd. It has been more than six months that I have joined this college. I have completed my first semester. In those six months I have gone through different paths. Sometimes we have fun, we enjoy, we get to indulge in different club activities but besides that we also work hard. Here, fun comes with a price, price that must be paid. Price doesn’t mean that we have to pay money; price in the sense that we can do what we want here but our academies must take priority. Since we all have come here to study I don’t think it’s a bad price.

I don’t really have a habit of writing diaries but sometimes my mind starts speaking and my hand starts moving itself.  In DWIT there are many things that have touched my brain and heart. I like the college for everything that it gives me now and will give me in future. Since it has been only eight months that I have been here, there are still many things to explore, but in those months I did have fun. Actually, there are some events that I cannot ever forget.

This memory counts as one of the best moments of my life. It was the Christmas Eve. Though we don’t celebrate many functions and programs here, but in the early days of college we did enjoy the Christmas Eve. All of us students, along with the faculty members were there to celebrate. We collected small amounts of money from everyone and asked Rubeena Didi to bring cake for celebration. As we had not preplanned it, the cake came late. All of us  gathered in the classroom of Sec-B. After the cake was brought, everyone including me started shouting “MERRY CHRISTMAS” loudly. Both the Class Representatives were given opportunity to cut the cake.

We took a lot of photos, made noise, had cake and enjoyed the time very much. Hitesh Sir was also there to celebrate; he took photos of everyone, we all had fun and we also got to know each other better. I was enjoying with my friends Subigya, Anmol, Abhushan, Bishan and Bipin. We were taking photos in different styles. This was the one of the unforgettable and best moments until now at DWIT.