Sun, 24 Sep, 2023

Undesired Change

By Asmita Bista

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam

“Reecha dear, wake up now. It’s 7 am. Go and bath.”

“Momma, 5 minutes more. Please!”

“Fine. Only five minutes. No more than that.”

Today is Dashain. I’m very happy I got a new dress.

“Daddy, how am I looking in this new dress?”

“You look the prettiest my princess.”

Yahoo! We are going to Grandpa’s home. I’m very excited.

We reached Damauli, my dad’s birthplace. Grandpa is 78 years old, but still looks so young. Uncle and aunt love me so much. Aunt always cooks my favorite kheer whenever I go to Damauli. We put tika and receive blessings from Grandpa. Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepalese and it’s my favorite one too.

Dashain always brings smile and happiness. I love eating pakku, special mutton item, made by mom. Dad always brings varieties of sweets, ice-cream and many more delicious items. I wish this time and happiness will never go away.

“Reecheey, you silly girl, when will you wake up? It’s already 5 am. Who will feed the goats, your dad or your mom?”

I heard the voice of my aunt. Oh shit! Was it a dream? I thought I was with my parents in real.

I did not want to wake up. I wanted to live my life like it was in my dream, like it was before the earthquake.

“Stupid girl, have you become deaf? Do it fast. Boil some water too, I need to bath.”

I hastily went to the kitchen, filled water from tap and kept it for boiling.

Today is Dashain as I saw in my dream. But the reality is not the same as in my dream, which used to be a year ago. I am now in Damauli like last year, but I neither have new dress nor my parents. Grandpa is not alive and my aunt does not cook my favorite kheer for me. My parents were killed 5 months ago. The earthquake killed them. Our house in Kathmandu has been damaged by earthquake. After that my uncle brought me to Damauli.

Things changed after I came here. I have to help aunt in her work. I even learned cooking and feeding goats. These goats have now become my best friends. I passed SLC with distinction, but could not even share the result with parents. My dad wanted to see me as a doctor. Even I wanted to become a doctor. But after their death, I have not even touched the pen.

I hate god for taking my parents away with him and leaving me alone. Why didn’t he take me too? I wish I had the power to change things. I would bring my parents back and live like before. I wish……

“You idiot! Where is your mind? Can’t you see that the goat is out of its rope,” shouted aunt.

I ran after the goat carrying its rope in my hands.