Sun, 26 May, 2024

Two Years of Wonderful Experience by Ruby Shrestha

By Ruby Shrestha

Picture Courtesy : Ruby Shrestha

When DWIT News was announced THE BEST CLUB OF THE YEAR, I was really happy and I know it’s the same in case of all the members. Hard work indeed pays off and it certainly did in our case. That was “The Moment” I will never forget.

Though tough, being the President of DWIT News was a wonderful ride. I shall always cherish the moments we’ve spend together, be it meetings or treat or whatever. All the moments were just awesome. Obviously I wasn’t always good to the members because I had to show the stern part of me sometimes. However, the members, though sometimes a little out of track, were very supportive and I would like to thank them all for that.

Now, it’s the time of the year when the clubs are shuffled and suddenly, I can feel the attachment grow. However, change is important and inevitable. I would like to wish the members all the best for whatever they do in future.

Moreover, congratulations to the new Presidents, Ashmita Kunwar and Nikita Gautam and all the best! Both of you are hard working and I know you’ll do justice to all the club activities. You just got to choose responsible members and worry about managing time, rest will fall into place. Hakunamatata!