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Two days Hiking to Chitlang: Experience

By Nisha Dhungana

Adventure, friends and fun if mixed together forms the best product called happiness. Following the same theme “Happiness” a two day hiking was conducted on 27th February, 2016. Collecting 15 people, a micro bus left the Deerwalk Complex at 8 AM. I was the last to arrive and I could see the excitement in everyone’s face.

Singing and joking, we reached “Godam Chaur” at around 9 AM. The spicy food and hot tea added more enthusiasm in already excited hikers’ spirit. Following dusty road, we headed on our way to long awaited destination, Chitlang. Talking about life, love, despair and happy moments, racing with friends, puffing off the dust onto each other like playing with snow, clicking selfies making silly expression, showing non- professional photography, gymnastics and overall having fun , we enjoyed the walk. The weather added extra beauty to the moment which we knew would form sweet memories in coming future. “Let me put my sunglasses, I look handsome”- Sumit Shrestha could not get enough of his sunglasses . After the long walk through the trails, we found an open ground and decided to have short snacks. Chocolates, cheese, noodles and chips flavored the exhausted hikers’ tongue. “You want to see some cart will?” –Pratik Budhathoki showed his hidden gymnastic talent after being energized by the snacks. After 2-3 failed attempts, he decided to move forward to the destination. Chitlang, as expected was remarkable. The sky above chitlang was clouded, about to burst open with droplets of rain. The wind was cold yet comforting. The path led to the abandoned village. The cracks due to devastating earthquake was visible and no trails of villagers was seen.

We reached “Goat Cheese Home Stay” at around 3 PM. The owner of home stay and first ever goat cheese factory welcomed us with delighted snacks, goat cheese and wine. After the lunch, some of us decided to go for a walk whereas some of us decided to take rest. At around 7:30, we had our meal and I can say by the amount of food we consumed, it was indeed DELICIOUS.

The owner of homestay, Mr. Ammar Singh Thakuri, is a man with golden heart having tremendous respect, love and pride for the country, Nepal. He worked in foreign country and returned to his own, rejecting the job that paid him more than he even imagined. “You need to go out, explore more but remember no matter how high you fly, you should never forget the land where you learned to fly.” He suggested us and it was indeed the genuine suggestion any nation loving person can give.

The dinner was followed by rooftop barbeque and dancing. Everyone out there danced their heart out no matter how bad their steps were. With happy stomach and smiling faces, we prepared to sleep. After late night talks, jokes and laughing, we finally fell asleep.

The next day, everyone woke up early and got ready for the hiking to “Indra Sarowar Lake”. We had quick breakfast with cup of tea, packed our backpacks and got ready to hit the road. We were fascinated by the farewell home stay offered us. With traditional farewell by putting red tika and mala as wishes for happy journey, Goat cheese home stay did made us feel special and happy. We bid our farewell to homestay family and made our way to the new destination, Indra Sarowar lake. The way to lake held some overwhelming view of salla’s Jungle. An hour walk and we reached the marvelous place, Indrasarowar lake. I cannot define in words the beauty of the place, the uniqueness it held with serene environment. One could stay there for a whole day, without even talking a word, just enjoying the view. Some of us enjoyed rowing the cool water of the lake and enjoying the nature while boating. We went to suspension bridge. Chill flows down my spines as I remember the feel of breeze touching my skin while standing middle of the bridge. After taking crazy selfies and random pictures we started heading towards Markhu, where a van awaited us to take us back to our homes.

Taking time to enjoy the nature and admiring its beauty, we walked with slow pace talking about homes, dreams, earthquake, and its effects on life of Nepalese society. One failed attempt to take a lift to Markhu, a challenge to a person who is afraid of height to climb up a high rock and take a picture of his own, the wrong spelling of Nepali word and humiliating each other are the things that treasured the moment of togetherness.

We reached to Markhu and was welcomed by the already ready food to fill the appetite we had. I must say every one of us is a food lover and in a day can eat as much as others eat in a week. Jokes apart, the food was really good and every one of us enjoyed every bit of it.

“It was the best Hiking” Anish Thakuri commented and he seemed to enjoy the trek. Enjoying tasty lapsi on the way, sleeping with our mouth open and watching pictures we reached to our respective homes.

“The hike was awesome and it was the best hike ever in DWIT which made every hikers happy as the theme of the hiking was happiness.” – Says Sumit Shrestha.

“The place we had been to was incredible. I sincerely thank Hiking club for organizing this event and I hope there are more to come.” – Sushant Chitrakar thanked Hiking club.

“I am sure I am going to cry because of the happiness remembering the happy memories of the hiking.”-Sharun Sangat commented with sparkle of excitement in her eyes.

“I am just an organizer and I must say this was my best experience organizing the hike. I feel so glad and proud when people come to me and thank for organizing the best hike they ever had. It makes me happier when I become the medium of other people’s happiness. Thank you every one for participating.”- Rojina Shrestha who was the organizer of event said with relief of satisfaction.

It indeed was best hiking I ever had. I cherished every moment of the trip and surely would recall in future. Thank You Hiking Club. It was amazing.