Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

Twitter or Facebook: Which is a Better Publicizing Tool?

By admin

With an objective of finding out which shall be a better publicizing tool, Twitter or Facebook, DWIT News decided to take an opinion poll among the students of DWIT. The opinions are from those students who use both Twitter and Facebook. Here's what we received: In the case of publicizing, I prefer Facebook over Twitter because most of the times 140 characters of tweet couldn't be favorable for portraying the details. Also, the various tools of Facebook like group, like pages has provided Facebook more diversity which seems to be lacking in Twitter. I have one analogy regarding this scenario. Tweets of Twitter provide you only a Trailer. You can't judge a movie by its trailer; so as to get the real taste of movie you must have to watch it completely which will be provided by Facebook in our case. Hence, Facebook it is! Anish Thakuri, Third Year Student, DWIT I think Facebook is a better publicizing tool than Twitter given its overwhelming active users. Also Facebook is more popular among all the age groups than Twitter. People have shifted to mobile computing and Facebook is much more appealing with its new ad features and I assume the connectivity between friends and family gives you better chance to publicize rather than the connectivity with followers. Anmol Shrestha, Second Year Student, DWIT I haven’t done much of a research; however, in my opinion Facebook will be a better publicizing tool since there are a lot of options on Facebook. Facebook pages and Facebook groups are a strong way to build a community of a brand - make people constantly engaged! Bidish Acharya, Third Year Student, DWIT It totally depends upon where you are thinking of publicizing. In case of Nepal, I think that Facebook is the best of all time. However, in western countries, Twitter is famous over Facebook. So Twitter can be better in that case. However, why not use both? The more you publicize, the better it is for you and your product/event/campaign. Sajak Raj Baidhya, First Year Student, DWIT Well in our context, Facebook is definitely better since everyone uses it. In 1st world countries, people gain all the information via Twitter. If the audience is local, definitely Facebook! But if international audience is to be aimed, we have to go with Twitter. However, since both are free, why not make use of both. :) Abhusan Gautam, Second Year Student, DWIT