Tue, 18 Jun, 2024

Being Twins

By Shila Parajuli

Photo Courtesy: DWIT News

We were in same belly for nine months. We are two bodies representing a soul. My childhood started with her and I desire my life to end with hers. People ask me, who is your best friend? Well, I don’t have any best friend. I have best sister in the world and that’s more than enough for me.

Being twins is a lot of fun, together things are done. What is the funniest part of being twins? For us, it was exchanging each other’s dresses while playing hide & seek. The fun is when you fool your teachers. The fun is when you wear her dress and you are no more you, you are her (laugh). The fun is when we make a single wish for both of us. Happy Birthday Us!

We are never bored of talking. We share each and every second of our life. Sharing every ups and downs of our life, we counsel each other. My problem is her and her problem is mine. I remember school days, when we helped each other in exam hall and teacher would never complain about it.

For me the best part of being twins is when she cries missing me. We have been apart from each other since one year. And one year is like a decade for me. No worries, we talk in social networking sites for hours and hours.

Being twins is smiling together, fighting together, crying together, scolding each other, making notes together (she would make notes of biology and chemistry and I would make those of mathematics and physic) and teaching each other.

Being twins is loving and caring for each other. Lucky are those who have twins!