Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Twenties Girl: A Book With a Riveting Story

By Ashish Khanal

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“Twenties girl” is a fictional book by Sophie Kinsella (pen name of author Madeline Wickham). The plot of the story is quite interesting and revolves around two characters; one is a supernatural being and the other, a normal person.

The main character of the story is “Lara Lington” who is a girl in her mid-20s and is going through pretty hard times. One day, she suddenly stumbles upon the ghost of her great-great aunt “Sadie” who has come back from the dead to find her long lost beautiful necklace. Their journey begins when Lara agrees to help Sadie to find her necklace and as they move on, they develop an inseparable bond. The story is all about the adventure they have together.

The writer has presented the story in an interesting way. This is a ghost story amalgamated with magic, love and adventure. It is filled with fantastic characters and nice twists. The story also provides unique bond between a human and a ghost.

Overall, this is an appealing book for readers who like fiction. The story is unique and adventurous and the characters are presented in a fantastic way. It is a perfect book to start off for non-readers too. Your time won’t go to waste.

3 out of 5 stars for “Twenties Girl”. Cheers!