Sun, 16 Jun, 2024

TU’s Lack of Concern Can Affect Students’ Future Success

By Ashmita Kunwar

Art By: Nikita Gautam

Students' effort is directly related to the result they get in the sheet of paper called ‘Mark sheet’. Though, these days people often say - “result does not matter if you have knowledge and can implement it in real life”. It is fairly easy to say, but it is not as easy as said.  In reality there is high value of result. Whenever you go to the market for the job, the first prerequisite asked is the qualification with good marks. Moreover, being a Nepali, our parents and the society we live in, believe in result. Our parents see our result printed on the piece of paper in order to check their return on investment.

Knowing this truth about the prominence of result, students in our country study extremely hard, well at least, the serious ones. However, the bitter truth is that, this hard work is not valued by the education system of Nepal. There are many grumbles about the education system of Nepal. Most of the students complain about it, (especially about Tribhuvan University) saying, “There is no faith on Tribhuvan University (TU); we cannot predict anything.”

Few days ago, TU published the result of BSc. CSIT 2nd semester which was rather unexpected. Students were not satisfied with the result. One of the students who had appeared in the exam has been marked as absent in the mark sheet. What happens to him now? Who is responsible for such sloppiness now that his hard work of whole semester has no value at all?

Next issue is that the internal marks that the college had given for the students are unexpected in case of a few students. Students who are always serious in their whole semester, do assignments, top their classes in the  internal exam and have possessed all the academic honesty that is required of them have gotten just 11 marks out of 20 in the internal marks of different subjects.

Not every student deserves good marks in the exam but yes, those who work hard truly deserve it. When a group of students asked the administration of the college as to why the college sent such low marks, the college showed them the marks that they had sent to TU. And surprisingly, the sent marks were totally different compared to the marks that were in the mark sheet. When looked at the marks in the mark sheet and the marks the college had sent to TU, it seemed that TU is to be blamed for the carelessness.

Another brilliant student got a 9 for one of the subjects, whereas the college had sent her marks of 19 out of 20. It really sucks! This is why the young generation is moving to foreign countries for education as they don’t have faith on the education system of Nepal.

Teachers are paid for each answer sheet they check, and in order to earn more they check the paper carelessly. And what could be the reason behind the internal marks getting changed? Is it so difficult to enter marks on the computer? We follow an academic course of such institution that does not even care about its students to properly record results or check the answer sheet. How could the education system improve when the university that checks and grades you for all your semester's work and effort, does not even care to look at your effort properly? Such carelessness does not take place in IOE (Institute of Engineering), then why does it appear in IOST (Institute of Science and Technology)? Why are we treated differently?

One of the students who has suffered the same fate said, “Is this TU or the college who is responsible? I need justification. I should give answer to my parents. I will not sit by quiet this time; the same happened to me in the last semester.” Not only one student from the college, there are many students who are suffering. It was sad to hear him say, “It is my mistake to continue my higher education in Nepal. I should have gone to other countries. At least, there, it would have been fair.”

How long do we need to suffer from such nonsense? Is there a point of having an institution such as Deerwalk trying to bring a change when it, at the end, has to give in to such carelessness of TU?  When are we going to take a stand for all of TU's mistreatments? I think the umbrella organization of all the CSIT colleges should bring this matter up with TU. You cannot just play with someone's future!