Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Trust is Not a Weakness

By Bidish Acharya

It’s obvious that most people find it so hard to trust people. Why? Because, there’s this thing called ‘doubt’, that makes everything and everyone so hard to believe in. That’s the reason why trust sounds dangerous to most people – they look at it with a sense of doubt. For example, if somebody says, “I trust you”, the other person comes up with, “Does he really mean that?” or “You can trust me” comes with a self-made hidden meaning “You can trust me until you get stabbed!” We are taught since our childhood that if a stranger gives us a chocolate to eat, we should not take it as it might contain certain chemical to faint us and we might get kidnapped. This is a good ‘self-protection’ technique for a kid but if a child grows up with the same mindset of not trusting people in any scenario, s/he might end up missing up on a lot of opportunities. This sense of doubt haunts us in every place we go. It affects us in every aspect – in friendship, in relationship, in business. Doubting comes with an awful lot of thinking and it screws the good things – because doubting leads to no beauty, but only troubles. For example: If some stranger comes up to me and asks for my phone claiming that he has a very urgent phone call to make, I might just want to help him. But, even for a moment, if I doubt his intention and think that this man is going to take my phone and run away – even though there’s as mere as 1% chance that his intention might be wrong – my ‘dubious overthinking’ will make it 99% percent likely that he is going to take it and run away – and I might end up not helping him. You see, here’s how doubt makes a difference. From my point of view, trusting people is the most important and beautiful part of life. You put your faith in someone – that’s beautiful. There must be some examples that trusting someone has led you to something bad; but again that’s the mere 1% case – if you overthink it, you might not be able to trust again. If you are to trust anyone – go all in. Do not doubt; just trust. It takes a pretty strong person to trust and believe in others.