Tue, 18 Jun, 2024


By Osheen Shrestha

Theoretically, travelling is a movement of the people between relatively distant geographical locations. But by my easy definition, travelling is to go out in the world and explore ourselves. People can travel by foot, bus, airplane, car or other means of transportation.

There are many positive as well as negative effects of travelling. However, the list of the reasons why everyone should enrich their life by travelling around the world makes that negativeness blow away.

The positives of travelling are that it-

Challenges you:

Travelling helps you get out of your comfort zone. Travelling changes our boring lives into a life full of activities and challenges. Overcoming those challenges gives you a sense of accomplishment. It helps you to be happy in the present moment. Thus, in order bring more life to our lives we must travel.

Changes your perspective:

The way from which we see the world is different from the way any other person does. Meeting people of different culture teach us many new things. Travelling helps to change our perspective on people, things, and situations. This definitely brings improvement in our thoughts and vision.

Gives you cool stories:

Staring at your computer doesn't give you any cool stories but travelling does. Escape away from the monotonous life and try something new. The moment you have the courage to do so, you will have a new life and the beginning of a series of cool stories. Remember, these cool stories are the stuff that we are going to talk about in our old days. So try to make as many stories as you can.

"Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller." – Ibn Battuta

Provides a sense of accomplishment:

If you are someone who dreams big and wants to accomplish something in your life then travel. If you are a person who has been chasing for money, position and power then travelling is not your cup of tea. However, if you are looking for recreation, peace in mind and soul, you should get your feet moving.

Finds you a new purpose:

When we travel we are exposed to new culture, tradition, and people. This brings some significant changes in our thoughts, vision, and perspectives. If you are stuck with a life problem (like choosing a career path, finding a purpose in life) then go travel. You might be surprised yourself by discovering a new sense of purpose and direction in your life.

Gives you the gift of relaxation:

Traveling is the best way to escape life's problem and recharge your battery.

There are other many more advantages of traveling but listing them all will lead us to a lengthy article. So lastly, if you ask me ,"Why to travel?", I'd say, "Because you can. Because you want to. Because it beats every other alternative."

Photo Courtesy: Dwit Hiking Club