Thu, 01 Jun, 2023

TOP THREE Interview Mistakes

By Ashmita Kunwar

Picture Courtesy: Shreha Regmi

There are different areas people must prepare themselves well for to be offered the job that they apply for. Though job appliers may have very good qualification in certificate, they must be equally powerful to show their talent during interviews. Job interview is the most important way through which companies can easily determine whether the applicant is effective match for them. Therefore, the outcome of the interview will determine their career, either they’ll join the job they want the most or they’ll have to move on. In the current job market, interviews play an important role. To the students like us, sooner or later we all need to face interviews which shall determine our career. Therefore, knowing the importance of interviews, I have collected the ‘TOP THREE INTERVIEW MISTAKES’ from the Managers of Deerwalk Services. Listed below are the real life mistakes people commit while giving interviews, as per the experience of the Deerwalk Managers.

1. Trying to answer questions which they don't know rather than accepting that they don't know the answer. 2. Not doing preparation prior to interview. 3. Not knowing which post they are applying to. Awanish Ranjan

1. Not having enough knowledge about the company and its business. 2. Not being prepared about the roles and responsibilities of the post being interviewed on. 3. Not able to display a proper learning attitude. Jeevan Timilsina

1. Being over confident, talking too much and avoiding listening and acting as if he/she knows all that is to there to be known in this world. 2. Come unprepared. Unprepared in many ways (lack of subject matter, not enough/zero research about the company and also failing to keep mobile in silent mode). 3. Sometime, I had faced people who complain a lot like bad mouthing past employers and talking about people you don't get on with at work. It doesn't help anyone. Sachin Karanjit

1. Not preparing for the tough interview questions. 2. Talking too much. 3. Appearing to be too nervous, or too confident. Kanchan Raj Pandey

These are the mistakes that we need to overcome while preparing for the interviews. I hope these listed mistakes will be really helpful, as the students from DWIT (and other readers of DWIT News) will get to learn from the mistakes of others and prepare themselves better when it’s their turn.