Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Today's Generation: Smarter In a Unique Way

By Osheen Shrestha

Picture Courtesy: Nikita Gautam 

For this topic, I made a quick search in google. After going through many sites, I found that the general view point about today's generation is that they are lazy and arrogant. “All they do is play video games, watch movies and listen to music. They think that their generation is better than ours. They think that they have live their childhood to the fullest. They may have lived their childhood well but they cannot say that we haven't live our childhood to the fullest as well. They are just better in their own ways like we are in ours.”

Let's not just see the bad side of our generation. We have seen the clear cut changes in many aspects of the society. The society has evolved to something completely different. People think differently. The thought process is totally different and people's way of thinking is completely different. One of the best examples is that the girls of the previous generation use to be home makers usually. They worked in kitchen and took care of their family. Also, even educated women would marry, have children and settle at home as home-makers. This mentality is totally changed. Girls these days have lots of opportunities than the men have. Today's generation’s girls are the independent girls. Today's children are the smarter than the adults. They have higher IQ and inquisitiveness. They can learn faster with the help of ever growing technology. I think people are seeing the bad side only. The kids today are learning the same thing that they learnt but they are learning it in smarter ways. What is so wrong with that? If they think using technology is that bad than why do they even provide their children with those “cool” gadgets? Today's people are friendly and can open up more easily. They can get along with anyone. They feel free to talk with anyone. Due to the internet they can be friends with anyone in the world if they want. Parents today complain that the children these days cannot be social. I don’t think it is true. For some, it may be in their nature to be quite and unfriendly. Just because of some, they cannot judge the whole generation. We can enjoy with our friends even in the absence of electricity and games. We love the internet but we also love and care for our friends and family. Also, I think people these days are way smarter.

I think, rather than blaming the present generation the adults can spent their time on improving the present generation. After all, we are the light of the future. Entertainment is fine up to certain limit but we must draw a line between our responsibility and fun. We must learn to be even more responsible and see the world in a much wider perspective.

 I am a part of the present generation. I am a free thinker and ambitious. And I know that our generation will change the world for the better.