Thu, 29 Feb, 2024

Tips to increase knowledge-base

By Osheen Shrestha

  Knowledge is being familiar with some situation or some people which are acquired through engagement and dealing and helps us to conclude and make some decision, learn facts and information. Knowledge can be referred to the theoretical or practical knowledge about a certain subject. It can be implicit as well as explicit. General knowledge involves valued information about different aspects of human life such as society, culture, fashion, current affairs, health, art, and science. It is difficult and takes time to gain knowledge however people's intelligence, confidence, and open-mindedness is judged upon how much knowledge one has gained. Knowledge helps in personality growth and to be a good citizen. Our brain plays a vital role in gaining knowledge. Our state of mind determines our intelligence and knowledge. In order to stay mentally sound, we have to exercise our mind just like our muscle does. If we use our brain in the right way it will sharpen our mind, help us to be a skilled thinker. But if we never use our mind and harm it with harmful chemical then the ability to think and learn will deteriorate. There are different ways from which we can squeeze a bit of productivity.

  • Reading books Reading is the foundation of gaining general knowledge. Since the general knowledge incorporates a wide range of knowledge, there is no such thing of what book to study or which subject. But the important thing is to make reading a part of our daily routine. If you want to improve your thinking capability and writing capability you have to go through classic novels that will change your view of the world and help you to think in a more precise way. I think once you get used to reading, you will be a regular page-turner.
  • Watching less television People love watching television. They spend hours of time watching television. Even I spend more of my time than I like. While watching television we don’t use our mind much and allow it to recharge. After watching television we feel so drained out that we don’t even feel like doing anything. If you want to relax, read a book instead. If you are too tired, listen to music. When you are with your friends and family turn off the phone and have a conversation instead. All of the above activities help us to use our mind more than television does.
  • Early to bed, early to rise Sleep deprivation makes us concentrate less. We should go to bed early and wake up early. I think early hours are the most productive time where we can explore more. One should not sleep more than 8 hours; this can lead us to be lethargic and trouble focusing. If possible we can take a 10–20 minute nap when we feel drowsiness. A short nap will refresh us.
  • Time to reflect Often our life becomes so hectic because of the busy schedule that we don’t even realize it. We cannot even concentrate due to the nagging thoughts roaming around our entire mind. Thus we should spend some time alone in order to organize our thoughts and think about what it important. It will help us to get rid of the unimportant stuff. I don’t mean you need to cross your leg and chant. Anything that will give you solitude will help. A solitary walk is one of the many options.
  • Exercise I used to think that instead of spending time on doing exercise, I would spend time learning. But I was wrong; exercise helps to increase the productivity time afterward. It helps to clear our mind and create waves of energy. Thus exercise will help you to stay energetic and help to concentrate.
If you can do any of these things, it will definitely reward you with increased mental capability and knowledge. Image: