Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Tips For Freshmen

By Sabin Pathak

Picture Courtesy: DWIT News

Freshmen, welcome to your college life.

Be laborious and make your aim come true, but don’t forget to enjoy!

You have just stepped into your college life after having passed your high school. You can find both similarities and differences between your high school and college. If you are able to manage various factors well, you can achieve great success. You need not always bother about everything every time. So, try to manage things as per requirement and convenience.

Currently, I am studying in the third semester at DWIT. Based on my experiences during my first and second semesters at DWIT, I want to share some tips to you all. I hope they are helpful.

  1. Be punctual. It will help you to remind yourself of your aim all the time.
  2. Be friendly. You might not have friends who are already familiar to you. However, do not be alone. Try to make as many friends as you can. Be familiar with the seniors also. It is going to be of real help.
  3. Concentration inside the classroom is the main factor that helps you to understand something more easily; it ultimately abets you to secure good marks in examination. It is not necessary that you should always bother about studying the text book all the time at home. As far my experience, studying inside the classroom with high concentration and during examination time will be enough for better understanding and securing good marks. You can use other time for doing some extra activities. Extra activities like learning new programming language, being familiar with the new technology and so on will help you a lot.
  4. Do your assignments regularly. Do your assignment on your own. Never copy assignment from your friend or elsewhere. It is because assignments that you have done will help you a lot for examinations. If you need help, you can take help from your friends, teachers or seniors. Never feel shy to take help from or give help to anyone.
  5. Don’t try to leave early after college. Spend some time on doing what you like. Join clubs as per your interest and enjoy that time a lot. Be familiar with extra activities also.
  6. Don’t lose hold of your practical sheets; at the end of the semester, you’ll have to present them all. Prevention is better than cure.
  7. Talk to everyone politely, be it helping staffs or faculty or seniors. There have been cases of suspension due to misbehavior with faculty.

I know you all are intelligent and you are in your college life. So never get frustrated from your life. You can do anything. It is the time to show your intelligence. Thus, come up with interest and do something for yourself, your family, society and country. Most of all, HAVE FUN these four years!!