Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Time Traveler's Realization

By Dipesh Poudel

Sean punched the wall as hard as he could with tears rolling down his cheeks. Sean could not do it no matter how hard he tried. He used to believe nothing was impossible, now that belief was fading away. He could not save his beloved wife Revy. He had traveled back hundreds of times to save his wife from that terrible accident, but it was all in vain. The result was the same every time—the death of the love of his life. Sean was a scientist and engineer. Sean's research in the field of quantum computing and cosmos had brought revolution in the field of physics and computing. Revy was there for him in every step of his life. They were high school sweethearts. Their interest in science was what brought them together and invention of science was what took them apart. That day was what the couple considered to be the happiest day of their life. They were celebrating their fifth marriage anniversary. The news of his wife being pregnant had brought extra happiness to the evening. They planned to celebrate what they thought to be the best day of their life with dinner at a fancy restaurant. On their way back home, Revy expressed her desire to eat ice cream. Sean stopped the car and went to the store across the road to buy ice cream. He bought ice cream for two and came out. He could see his wife smiling at him.  He smiled back at her. Then out of nowhere a truck came and hit the car. Sean rushed towards the car where his wife was with his unborn child in her belly. She was already dead by then.  Sean could not make sense of what just happened. That day, which he thought was a blessing, turned into a curse in just some moments. Leaving her dead body in the street, Sean ran back to his lab. Forgetting about everything Sean started working on his new invention. After six months of day and night of work, it was finally there; the time machine was finally invented. Using this time machine, Sean could go back in time and prevent the accident from happening. Sean went back in time and convinced Revy to celebrate their marriage anniversary at their home, thinking that it would prevent the accident. They were watching a movie together and the phone rang. Revy rushed to pick it up and on the way she slipped and fell down. She hit her head which caused her death on the spot. Sean could not believe what just happened. He again left her dead body there and rushed to his time machine. He went back in time again but the result was same. He traveled back in time many times but the he would end up seeing the love of his life dying in front of his eyes. After hundreds of tries, he now realized no matter how much people try, be it with exceptional technologies, they can never do anything against nature; a man can never be God.