Fri, 24 May, 2024

Time, Opportunities and Mistake

By Ankit Pradhan

Photo Courtesy: DWIT News The world where we all live in, the place where we are living now and the time that we are enjoying now always change. We all have heard many times that the most powerful thing in this world is time. Since it cannot be captured or stopped. Changing time is both good as well as bad; good in a sense that as time moves on we get to learn many things, we will get to see a new tomorrow and enjoy the surprise that is going to come in our future. But as time move on, surprise of the future turns into our past and the thing that is left with us are the beautiful memories, though it may not be beautiful but the memories still remain. In my opinion, I like to enjoy each and every moment of my life. Though time moves faster than me, I would like to be happy with the time that I always have but being happy is not always possible. But trying to be happy is possible. We may be sad thinking about all the worst moments of our life, but we should always try to be happy thinking about the beautiful moments that we have had with our friends, family and relatives. Many of us may be afraid to try out something new or to make some mistakes, so we always stay back and the chance flies away by the time we realize it. I have also suffered from the same problem many times and I have always regretted that. But I think we should always try new things because if we don’t, then we will always be left back and won’t know actually what that thing or opportunity was. If we cannot see and grab the opportunity in front of us, we can never move with time. We should make mistakes. Making mistakes is not actually bad, but we should always try to learn from our mistakes. So let’s always try new opportunities since we don’t know what lies ahead and let's learn from our mistakes.