Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

Tihar Celebration at DWIT!

By Sneha Parajuli

22nd October, 2014 was the day on which I celebrated Tihar for the very first time at Deerwalk Institute of Technology. I believe Tihar not only means carrying out Bhai Tika or Mha Puja or Laxmi Puja, but it also means celebrating the victory of good over evil and simply, having fun. There is no doubt that we had fun, a lot of fun. We sang, we danced and we were even treated with delicious “sel-roties” by our college. That day was the last day of final examination of the batch of 2017 and the last day of midterm examination of the batches 2016 and 2015. We had no idea that the celebration would be so much fun. 5After the All Hands meeting, at around 5:30 pm, we all had our sel-rotis and we gathered in the Lhotse hall. The program began with a beautiful song by our college nightingale, Barsha Dahal, of batch of 2017. Nikita Gautam of the same batch also performed a song titled “Parelima” which was really beautiful. Even the freshmen, the students from batch of 2018, namely Manish Dangi, Amun Kharel, Bishal Timalsina and Shibesh Duwadi, participated in the celebration and showed their beautiful talents; they sang really amazing songs and played good music. Sushant Gurung of batch of 2016 along with Anmol Shrestha of batch of 2017 performed wonderful songs and they even sang “Deusi” in which no one could resist dancing. Campus Chief, Surendra Adhikari, accompanied by the Chief Academic Officer, Hitesh Karki, who played the guitar, performed a song in which the students danced along. The program was wonderful! 4 After the program, the students did not leave the college; instead, they started playing different dance songs and danced till 7:30 pm. Most of the students stayed back and danced so much that their legs started to hurt. This was a wonderful Tihar celebration. The day ended by watching beautiful lights lit up in our college. The view was mesmerizing. It was one of the most memorable moments at DWIT for all the Deerwalkers.