Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

Three Nepali Short Movies Shown in Open Screening

By Sweekriti Gautam

Photo Courtesy: Documentary, Movie and Dramatics Club
Though Nepali film industry is not developed as expected, they are inspired by Indian movie industry and also use the Bollywood narrations. In the earlier days, the films were made with a lower budget and had lower performance resulting in less number of audience. But, there is a gradual development in the last few years. In order to bridge the gap between the Nepali filmmakers and the audience, Documentary, Movie and Dramatics Club has come up with a new idea to continue the movie show session in a completely different way. The club will be screening Nepali short movies and documentaries in every two weeks. According to the club, Nepali filmmakers will screen their projects and interact with the audience about their projects. The first open screening session commenced on Feb. 16. Three short movies were screened in the first session - Ainselu, Maanish Harayeko Suchana, and Anubhuti. The main objective of this session is to connect filmmakers with the audience so that they get feedback on their project and also promote Nepali films. "First Session was pretty amazing. We were not expecting such a big mass in this session since the promotion of this event was not that big from our side and we were trying it out for the first time. The first session has encouraged us to continue and we will", says Abishekh Khatiwada, President, Documentary, Movie, and Dramatics Club. The screening session was followed by an interaction session with Milan Lohani, Director of Ainselu and Anubhuti. The club got a positive response through its first session as there was a considerable number of audience from Deerwalk services and DWIT.
"Nepali film industry is growing rapidly these days. People are visiting theaters to watch Nepali movie leaving Hollywood and Bollywood behind. We are trying to decrease the gap between the film makers and the audience" - Abishekh Khatiwada
This is a great initiative taken by the club in order to promote the Nepali films. There is a tuff competition as many youths prefer Hindi and English movies. This initiative made by the club helps to increase the number of viewers as the screened movies might catch up their interest. However, keeping in mind the interest and choices of the audience in order to attract their attention towards the Nepali movies, the club might increase the number of the audience.