Tue, 30 May, 2023

Three DWIT Students Working as Deerwalk Interns Share Their Experience

By admin

DWIT students usually get internship offers from Deerwalk Services that they can apply to. About some months ago, out of five students who had applied for the internship offer as developer for DeerARMS project, three students got selected. They were Sandesh Sharma, Nikita Gautam and Sanjeev Mainali. It has been about a month that they have been interning at Deerwalk. Read their experiences below:

"When I knew that I was selected as an intern, my happiness knew no bounds. I was waiting for the day when my internship would start. During the beginning days, Rajiv Manandhar (our mentor) taught us some basic concepts about Phonegap.  I thought everything would be easy. But being an intern at Deerwalk Services is definitely not what I thought it would be. I was given some problems which were very challenging and took some days to solve. To sum up, the internship has taught me a lot already and I hope it will teach me more, teach me things which I will never learn from my text books." Sandesh Sharma, Fifth Semester, DWIT 

"It was final moment when I submitted my name for Internship in DeerARMS project. I was not sure about trying at all. But at last I got the internship. First day, we were given a brief overview of the projects we would be working on. We started off with data entry and validation of those details. For me, personally it was a good experience because we learn as we play with the application. It gave us some idea about how things really work in the app. It has been a month now and so far it is fun programming. We are assigned work by our mentor and then we complete those tasks and submit them back. Although I was not an experienced programmer in PhoneGap, in this one month of time I have learned many things and also completed all the tasks assigned. Although there are many things I need to manage now, work, studies, assignment, club activities, family and so on, but I think this is going to become a very good learning experience." Nikita Gautam, Fourth Semester, DWIT 

"To be an intern at Deerwalk is an opportunity to gain experience, building your professional network and learning new things. I have been interning since June of 2015 and my personal experience has been quite positive. Learning new things always fascinates me and till now I have learned a lot. Dedication and hard work are always the key factor to learn. You always have to make the best out of what is given to you and so far, this is what I am doing and I am hoping to grab every opportunity there is." Sanjeev Mainali, Fifth Semester, DWIT