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Three DWIT News Members Initiated Basic English Speaking Classes for Deerwalk Staffs

By Aasha Poudel

All Photos By: Navaraj Kharel

On 6th September, 2015, three members of DWIT News conducted the first session of the Basic English Speaking Class. The session was attended by 11 Deerwalk staffs among which seven were from Deerwalk Foods, one from DWIT and three from Deerwalk Travel and Tours. The first session went on for almost two hours.

The language classes will go on for at least seven weeks. The mentors for the language classes are:

  1. Utkrista K.C, 2nd semester student at DWIT
  2. Aasha Poudel, 2nd  semester student at DWIT
  3. Navaraj Kharel, 2nd semester student at DWIT

Their views about the first session are as follows:

“The class went well. I was very excited and nervous as well. All of the attendees were eager to learn. It was a good experience and I hope to do more in the next session.” – Aasha Poudel

“It was a different platform to learn and explore. The curiosity of learning seen in the eyes of every attendee made me more dedicated towards sharing my knowledge. More than everything, it was a learning platform for me as well.” -Utkrista K.C.

"It was a really different experience. We just conducted the first session. All of the attendees were really interested in learning English. I think it will also be a great learning experience for us too." - Navaraj Kharel

[caption id="attachment_8420" align="aligncenter" width="684"]Attendees involving in practical approach of learning to speak English language Attendees involving in practical approach of learning to speak English language[/caption]

All the attendees were nervous as well as excited at the same time. All the students were enthusiastic. All in all the session was very interactive.