Sat, 03 Jun, 2023

Thoughts on Ongoing Practices

By Shila Parajuli

Photo: People burning the effigy of Modi as a sign of protest Photo Courtesy: Shila Parajuli

I was inside hospital and I heard something really weird. Then I took a look out of the window. To my surprise, I saw twenty to twenty five people coming with an effigy. To my surprise, it was of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They stopped at Chabhill Chowk and started burning that effigy. In past few days, I have been watching several kinds of protests.

There are many trolls on social media about Nepal-India border blockade. Newsfeed of Facebook is full of such trolls. Everyone is being aggressive on social media due to the ongoing issue.

Indian channels were also banned for few hours. I asked to myself: is it good? Will this kind of freaking acts sort the things out? Why can’t they solve things through negotiation? Well, everything can be solved through good communication. And the thing is why did they bring media in between? Media is one of the good sources of communication and information. So, what were they trying to do by closing Indian channels? Did Indian channels cause border blockade?

And next up, is burning the effigy of Indian Prime Minister, by any way, a sensible thing to do? Will it solve the crisis in our native land? I understand that India is not performing its responsibility of a good neighbor. However, I really think that Nepalese should start thinking about coming up with alternatives to exist as an independent state instead of wasting time burning effigies! Will the burnt effigy give petrol to us? Will it provide tickets to the ones who want to go home for celebrating Dashain? You know the answer! What such acts are certain to do is create pollution and disturbance in our native land, cause problem to our own people.

Therefore, everything should be done through negotiation. Negotiation, done in a fruitful way, has the power to solve problems, however big they might be.