Mon, 15 Jul, 2024

Those Days

By Arjun Dahal

I had known you, But I still have no idea, How I came close to you? Those days, you were just a friend for me, And I still have no idea, How you came to my heart? I started getting closer and closer to you, And the sands of time passed on.   Those melodious memories, Still inspire me to go furthermore dear. Time was passing on, And I was feeling that I needed you. I hadn't even noticed how fast, The yestarday's friendship had turned into a love for me.   I knew, I was always nonsense, idiot and stupid but my heart was clear, you always asked me to be serious. but I replied 'whenever you'd be in trouble, I'd be there'. Yes, I was there for you. And I'll be there till the end of my heartbeat. I was free and careless, when you were with me, Because I knew, you would always be there. I just wanted you to forget All of your worries and pain, And just be with me. Because always wanted to express Till my end, I would be yours.   But the dreams and the reality seemed to be just opposite for me, All you did, was a fake. I hadn't known, niether I did preferred to know. Easily, you could have explained it to me, Because your smile was all I wanted to see. And my heart has since been wandering, Around the boulevard of your love- just needing you.   It's been so long, but still Im stucked with the past, you provided me. I always close my eyes And think for a better dream But you awake me dear. I'm down on my knees fighting with my heart, Just to erase out the memories with you. My mind wanders as something unusual, Seldom it can trace it's own ¬†wound.   i don't know Why still my heart battles, so fiercely, Just to defend a lost reason? A impossible dream of getting you.   Those days- Were the best of my life, Were the melodious, Were simply awesome. Still makes me nostalgiac.   Thus now I have realized, How painful is it to loose someone, Whom you really need? Live happily my dear, with your smile I'll pray for your happiness. i'll try to live my life without you With the mementoes of those days, Even if my intentions to live would be many or few

Arjun Dahal is undergrad student of Physics, at Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuwan University. His interests include Physics, Mathematics, Music, Literature, and Philosophy. His Non-fiction has appeared/forthcoming in Blue Marble Review and Yellow Chair Review. His Poetry has appeared/forthcoming in Burningword Literary Journal, Ann Arbor Review, and DWIT News. His published Nepali poems can be found via