Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

Third Semester Students Present Their Application Ideas

By Ashish Bikram Lamichane

Photo Courtesy: The Media Club Collage By: Ankit Pradhan DWIT has made a tradition to assign students to prepare term papers every semester. The students, currently in their third semester, were given a task, during their second semester, to write application introduction papers about the applications they intend to build in the near future. If a person is trying to build an application, s/he will face many problems before s/he starts coding. Hence it is necessary for an individual to ponder upon what is the existing problem, what his/her application can solve, what his/her application can do better than other existing applications, feasibility of the application, software platforms to choose and so on. The term papers of the students included all these analysis. After having written term papers for the semester, the students require to undergo presentation session, where they are supposed to delineate their written version of term papers. Some students consider this to be a daunting yet confidence building task. Sharun Sangat, a third semester student at DWIT, says, “Ah! Even thinking about it makes me shiver. The task of presenting one's idea in front of a crowd is a big deal, no matter how experienced you may be. However, it indeed helps us polish our confidence to make it finer and better.” On 3rd February, when the students were told to submit their presentations by midnight, they were flabbergasted. They were worried since the presentations were scheduled sooner than they had expected. Most of the students were in a hurry to make the presentations to submit it before midnight. Bijaya Kumar Shrestha, the Academic Coordinator at DWIT, said, “We had to organize the presentation sessions in short notice since we were already late in doing so. The presentation sessions were supposed to be organized right when the current third semester students were in their second semester.” 5th February was the day when the third semester students went beyond everyone’s expectations. They were able to confidently present their ideas in front of such a large audience. All of them knew what they were talking about and what they wanted to build. Some judges who were invited from Deerwalk Services passed positive comments and feedback to the students about their presentations. After the presentation session was over, Sweta Karna, one of the co-technical judges who were invited from DWS, mentioned, “Everyone did a great job. Before getting started with any application, one needs to understand the market, the value of it and the students seem to have done well-enough research about it. All the best to all the students!” Every audience was given the opportunity to judge each presentation so that all the presenters could get as much feedback as possible before starting off with their applications. One of the students remarked, “I think Deertalk, the weekly college event, has majorly contributed in building our confidence. Deertalk has helped us  know about our flaws and  strong points. There were many presenters who have improved exceptionally.” One of the presenters who really amazed me was Prabin Rai. I have seen him speak in front of a crowd before in Deertalk. At that time, he wasn’t very confident about what he was talking about. He was very nervous. But when he gave his presentation about his term paper, I was very shocked as he has improved his presentation skills very much. I felt like I was seeing a completely different person.” One of the senior students who attended the session said, “Most of the ideas presented were very nice. If they are to be built in near future, they can make some changes in the society. They all have chosen to build applications which can make difference in the society as well as in our college. I especially liked Bardan Gurung’s app idea ‘Taxi Finder’. It may be a coincidence, but I have also suffered difficulty in finding taxis at night.” Shankar Koirala, current seventh semester student at DWIT, said “They have made their seniors to aim far higher as they have already caught up to them.” What Shankar Koirala said is true; if we don’t work hard then they will leave us behind very soon. So work hard guys a big storm is coming which may leave you behind.