Sun, 26 May, 2024

The Unexpected Premier League

By Mahan Adhikari

Picture Courtesy: Barclay's Premier League is no doubt the most watched, followed and worshiped football league for the people in the Men’s Association Football Club. Every year four teams qualify for the Champions League and three teams are relegated to the lower leagues. This season of the premier league turned out to be a complete shock. This season turned out to be a great season, not for the big English clubs but for a small club called Leicester City FC. If we look back to the previous year, Leicester City just survived relegation. With a low budget and no world-class players, football analyst had not expected Leicester City to do so well. Proving all those haters wrong, Leicester stands at the top of the premier league table with a total of 69 points from 32 matches. Leicester have not lost in the last 8 matches and are very close to winning the title. Spurs have also stunned the fans, and the critics this season. Spurs lie in the 2nd position with a total of 62 points from 32 matches. On one hand these two teams are at the top of the table and on the other, the English giants like Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool are further down the table. Another unexpected turn out was Chelsea's wretched title defense. Although, they had a slow start, with the commencement of the new manager they are currently in the 10th position. Manchester City, Manchester United, and Liverpool stand at 4, 5 and 9 position respectively. With only a few matches left, it won’t be a surprise now if Leicester wins the title. With exceptional attacking, marking, defending, and overall class in their play, Leicester is the only team that deserves to win it all. Just two years ago, the team members were fighting with each other in the lower division but now with all due credit to Ranieri and his team, Leicester are about to win the title. This season has been a unwelcoming season for most of the big teams but for teams that no one expected to rise, the season has been a dream. I truly hope that Leicester wins the title because they deserve it.