Thu, 18 Jul, 2024

The Story Of Reducing Weight

By Nisha Dhungana

Photo Courtesy: Neesha Dhungana

Wouldn’t it be annoying if someone said to you, “Look how fat you have become?” It gets more irritating when you try to ignore what people say about you but realize you cannot fit into your favorite dress, all because of the extra weight you have gained. Well, I share the same story. Last month, while I was getting ready for the biggest celebration of Deerwalk Institute of Technology, DeerUtsav, I realized I can no longer fit into the dress I bought just a few months ago. Without even having any hint, I managed to accumulate a huge amount of fat onto me.

Well, our body stores extra fat only if we eat more calories than our body actually requires for energy production. So, the first step for losing weight would be to eat only a fixed amount of calories. Being a food addict or let’s just say foodie, this is the most difficult task to do. It even gets worse when your skinny friends sit in front of you and order food that has more calorie than you are prescribed to eat. Losing weight is as much more difficult task than gaining weight. So, the first and most difficult thing is to maintain the diet. As to maintain the diet, you need to reduce fat and calories from your food and add nutritious elements like proteins and fibers. Eggs, honey and lemon, veggies and fruits contain nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body and help not to accumulate more fat. I searched for a diet to reduce belly fat and the diet plan I found includes consumption of food items such as; honey and lemon juice, green tea, and adequate amount of water, oatmeals, grams and eggs. I and most of the nutritionist recommend not to escape a meal, it can cause metabolism disorder, but rather reduce the number of calories, fat, and carbohydrate from your food.

If we allow the calories we consume to burn, it converts into energy and does not get accumulated in our body. It not only helps in reducing weight but also increases stamina. Workout and exercises are the major factors to do so. Daily exercises help to burn calories and do not allow proper fat to be converted into improper one. Waking up early and working out for at least half an hour can reduce the extra unused fat. You do not need to go the gym for this, the internet has made it easier. You can watch many video tutorials on “Reducing Weight Exercises” and practice that at home, just make sure you do it correctly and daily. Some of the exercises include squats, crunches, planks, windmill etc. Also, slow running or walking fast for 30 minutes can help to burn calories.

I know the feeling when everyone point towards you and throw bitter comments on you for being over-sized. I know the feel of looking at someone and wishing to have a fit body like him/her. I know how badly it hurts to leave the t-shirt you like and choose the over-sized one. I also know it rips your heart off while your friends make fun of you for being fat. It hurts even more when you try to lose weight but the people surrounding you do not even encourage it. The only way to stop all these feelings haunting you is to believe in yourself and initiate on your own. The extra fat accumulated can cause various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and various heart-related diseases. It also reduces the stamina and energy.

Last but definitely not the least, size does not define the beauty the person possess, after all, a size is just a number. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so do not relate reducing weight with being beautiful. It is necessary to reduce extra fat to remain healthy, energetic and with strong stamina. Stay focused, have the courage to say no to extra fat and yes to exercise, replace lift with stairs and short distance bus with walking. The time will come when you just want to quit, you fail miserably, but stay focused and never quit, keep following the routine and ultimately you will land up where you desired to.