Wed, 14 Apr, 2021

The Red Woman

By Sushil Awale

In the glittering warm lights of the lobby, she elegantly walked down the winding long stairs. She was dressed in velvet white gown, and her hair fell perfectly on her shoulder. Her red colored lips, and lightly blushed face made her look like a fairytale princess. All eyes were upon her; the men were staring with awe while the ladies with jealousy. Her husband courteously invited her hands into his, and wished her “Happy Birthday, my love!” The Robinson were the richest people in town. Mr. Robinson, on the occasion of his wife’s birthday, invited the whole town for a party. The party was the most extravagant event the town had ever seen; fountains of champagne flowed, tables were decorated with delicacies, and the party was full of celebrities and politicians from all over the country. Mrs. Robinson, gracefully walked around the party, receiving wishes from the guests. The men were tossing their glasses, and the women gossiping about their jewelry. In the midst of all the activities, Mrs. Robinson soon found herself bored. She was not a social kind of person. She went to get some fresh air on the balcony. Some women were gossiping down in the garden. “Last week, I saw Mr. Robinson having dinner with his secretary. I think there is something going on between them.” Said one lady. “They must be having an affair. Mr. Robinson is quite a player, you know.” Said another. Mrs. Robinson took a deep breath and looked at the blood red moon. Mr. Robinson was not a loyal husband. Everyone knew about his affairs, and so did Mrs. Robinson. All these years, she had been very patient and tolerant of her husband’s infidelity. She had to spend many nights all alone, imagining her husband with someone else. But, she kept all that misery hidden inside her. For years, she wore a fake smile in front of the world. Mr. Robinson did love her, but he shared that love with others. Mrs. Robinson didn’t have anyone else in her life, and she didn’t want to lose her loving but unfaithful husband. She had made up her mind to live with this soulless relationship. But, people laughed behind her back. Despite all the money, fame, and beauty people felt sorry for her. She could sense the pity in people’s eyes when she talked to them. It destroyed her self-belief, her confidence, and her love for herself. No matter, how strong see seemed, deep down she wept. Mrs. Robinson went inside the hall and slipped into her bedroom unnoticed. She lied in her bed and stared at the ceiling. Her body was like dead meat, with eyes wide open, and hands crossed at her stomach. She didn’t even blink once and kept on staring until the last of the guests had left. Then, she suddenly woke up and walked down into the backyard. She stood there for a while, staring at the blood red moon. Then, she walked into the dark forest behind her mansion, with an ax in her hand, and her dress drenched with blood.