Mon, 11 Dec, 2023

The Race Of Life

By Raju Shrestha

One of the most essential part of life of any human in this universe is to face different challenges and overcome obstacles Everyone are the players controlling their own lives. Whatever time you got in life is the opportunity to achieve the individual goal that you have. And that is the best challenge given to you by life.

Life is the combination of sorrow, struggle and happiness. One should be able to overcome such things smoothly. This leads them to reach heaven, transform suffering and pain into energy of value. Each and every moments of life is precious and the present actions always determines the future.

The scenario of life is not written by some external power or someone else. It is neither the result of coincidence nor predetermined by destiny. You write the story of your own life and you are the star of it.

Sometimes life is a sorrowful one because the things which we want does not happen in reality. Sometimes life is risky too. One should be courageous and have passion over such things.  People are not born with special skills and luck, they develops their talent over time which transform into their special skills and luck. They spends lots of time to develop such skill. Practice and hard work makes any impossible things possible. So, one should have great commitment over the things which they are passionate about.

If we are not able to overcome obstacles, the faults lies within us. We just give up easily. Never give up any challenge, go on fighting with a strong will and positive attitude and you will definitely win the race of life.

The entire life of each and every human from birth to death is challenging but it is precious too. Life is like a game of race, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose in order to gain something. It depends on your choice what you want or need the most. Every moments of the life is an opportunity, The only question in life is how to utilized it.