Wed, 07 Jun, 2023

One of The Students Develop 'The Project Tracker'

By Ankit Pradhan

Deerwalk Institute of Technology is an institute where students are encouraged to do new things and in a different way. This college is different from others as students here do many things that are out of course but necessary for their career, where students are involved in different projects. Mr. Suman Thapa, a student of DWIT batch 2016 has been successful in building a web based app for the college but this app can also be used in other fields in near future. 1 The app is named “Project Tracker”; this app is used to keep track of different projects which the students of DWIT are currently working on. At first, the college admin used to keep project records in excel sheets which was not very convenient. This concept of project tracker was given by chief academic director, Hitesh Karki. While talking to students, he mentioned that admin is keeping the record of every project work but in excel sheets and he came with an idea that why don't we build an app that could make things easier for admin? One of the students who succeeded to build that app is Mr. Suman Thapa from batch 2016. Project tracker will be accessible to college admin and the students only. College admin only will have the authority to login. The admin only will be able to add/delete or edit the project details. This app keeps record of every project and also displays the deadline of the projects. 3 At first, the users will have to type the web address of the app. Then a page is displayed which consists of student ID, Roll No, Name, Term paper, Java project and Idea template columns. When the user clicks on the name of the student that he wants to view, he/she can see the project on which the student is working on and its completion date. As this is the beta version there aren’t many features but soon after Dashain, Suman is planning to launch another version of project tracker. In the upcoming version, he will include features like notifications about the deadline of the project one week before the deadline. There are other features as well that he is planning to add. nxt It is quite amazing that Suman was able to make this app on his own and by self-learning. It nearly took 2-3 months for him to complete this app.  He is currently using local host wamp to keep all the records as a database. He was helped by his classmate Abhishek Gupta in designing part. He mentioned that it was very difficult to debug the code than to write it.  He is studying in 4th semester and this is his first app built by him. And he wishes to continue discovering and learning.