Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Pleasure Of Reading

By Raju Shrestha

A book is a source of pleasure, light of knowledge as well as entertainment which contain the best thoughts and ideas of the authors. Library is the temple of learning and a source of pleasures and is the place of peace and silence. Reading may be a compulsion for someone but is a pleasure for many. You can discover the smile on the face of a novel reader, shine in the eyes of a poem reader and seriousness on the head of a person who is reading a newspaper. Reading affects the mind and the heart. Waves of thinking and emotion are generated. Reading lift us from the harsh reality of life into the world of imagination and transmit failure into success, pain into pleasure and fear into hope. Reading gives intellectual satisfaction. A detective novel satisfies the sense of curiosity, serious literature encourages the intellectual activities and poem stirs our imagination. One can relive the past and create the future by reading. Reading enriches our experiences, sharpens the mind and makes us wiser and self-confident. Reading books can introduce a new charm in life. It brings us in contact with the writer’s thoughts and if we get into the spirit of the book, our entire attitude is changed. Books share our joys and sorrows. When we are in a happy mood, we share our pleasures in the books and if we are in a sad moment it provides us with the words of encouragement and relief. Therefore books are the best friends for those who enjoy reading. Our human friends may give up but books do not in any circumstances. Books entertain and delight the reader, reading causes pleasure and excitement and gives the charming knowledge. Reading books provide the pleasure of being challenged, the pleasure of entering into a new unfamiliar world, the pleasure of knowing others’ thoughts, the pleasure of happiness, and the pleasure of being successful. Books are the pearls of wisdom and the best of human knowledge.  The books may change the life of a human. Different books have different perspectives.  Some books may be a source of inspiration or motivation which encourage us to do something new and relieve us from fear and sadness. Books can be a great partner for commuting or for traveling. They can keep us away from being bored or feeling lazy. Interesting books which tell stories, poems and about culture make our tour very interesting and unforgettable. Books like novels, biographies, philosophy, history and sociology have their own importance in human life. Readers are more knowledgeable than those who do not read. Reading books make us very creative and imaginative. For a reader, it is not necessary to have a library, we can read at any place as our wish. Reading makes a person more imaginative rather than realistic, transmit sadness into joy, every failure into success and makes a person curious and thoughtful. Image: