Sat, 20 Apr, 2024

The Mysterious Mask

By Pratyush Nepal

I saw a girl in a dim lighted street, in a dark dull evening. Charmed by her grace and the way she looked, I fell in love with her instantly. I followed her in order for an approach. I had taken only a few steps when I realized that she was about to be hit by a bus. Without a moment of hesitation, I jumped forward and pushed her away from the bus, but I wasn’t able to get out in time. The bus hit me instead. I lost consciousness as all the past events flickered before me.

I woke up after a while, unconscious in the streets. Standing beside me, was a tall figure with a strange mask. Traumatized by the event, I ran away from the place, only to find an even weirder street where all the signs and signals were reflecting images. It felt like I was on a different dimension, or a mirrored room. The masked figure kept stalking me. He made some signs suggesting me to stop, and it felt like he had something to say, but I was really scared of everything that was happening around me. I kept running frantically to save my soul, I wasn’t thinking about anything else until I realized I had reached the same spot where the accident had occurred. I stood motionless, in the middle of the road and the same bus came by and hit me.

In a desperate attempt to save myself, I caught hold of the masked figure. I pulled the mask away and all the stuffs around me faded when I saw the face of the girl I was in love with behind the mask. I woke up in my bed, thankfully I was only having an nightmare. Beside my bed, there was the same mask and a photograph of me with the images I saw when I saw the girl’s face behind the mask. Coincidentally, it was the same day where I had lost my wife to a fatal road accident.